Iran Legal Advocates

The only law firm that charges nothing at the beginning of dealing with a case

Personal legal issues

solving some personal problems need professional help.

Specific changes in birth certificate:
  • Legal Change of religious and Arabic names
  • Last name change
  • Change of birth certificate date through court up to Five years 

Business law

provided by attorneys at law, through courts of law and in legal manners.

We provide expert and specialist legal and commercial support for businesses from cradle to grave. At a business’ inception we assist with shareholder agreementsand structures between owners and managers.

We have a team of lawyers who are experienced in dispute resolution, assisting clients to resolve their disputes. Disputes are unfortunately all too common in business and can be very costly in terms of management time and resources.

Banking and finance

Check or financial document:

Cashing in bounced checks, incorrectly-written checks, blocked checks or notified-as-stolen checks, checks without date and signature, cashing in liabilities without receipts and document, cashing in promissory notes, cashing in debts by using payment receipts, etc.

We have a 12-member Team Specialized in Collection of Debt.

Unblocking bank account:

If your account has been frozen for any reason or if it has been confiscated, our lawyers have the means and knowledge to resolve this issue and transfer the money for you, to any account that you want, no matter where it is.

The transaction will be done through currency exchange stores and according to money laundering regulations

Our Services

The firm has the expertise, knowledge, and determination, to protect your interests and achieve your goals

Wills and estates

Preparation of wills and powers of attorney,

buying and selling inheritance share even without the consent of other heirs.


Real estate

Applying for and receiving deed from bill of sale, buying and trading real estates without requiring your physical presence and awarding power of attorney through consulate. You just need to sign the power of attorney letter while your representative is present.


Arbitration meetings

Since court judgment process is time-consuming in Iran, the entity arranges for conciliation and arbitration meetings and does legal follow-ups to inform the intended person of irreparable consequences of judicial actions. We dare to say that about 95 percent of cases accepted by our highly professional team are successful.

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    Fast and Effective

     We understand the value of our client’s time and make extra effort in order to save it. Dadrasan Tavana Paytakht Law Firm has a team of experts who are the best at finding the fastest route to your goals.

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    Our Team

    We are committed to providing our client with first-rate legal advice and practical solutions. our team aims to understand your concerns and your objective and help you achieve it

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    All fees for attorney, tax, stamp cancellation, court cost, honorarium, expert fees are covered by the Iran legal advocates team. This firm will not charge you anything before closing your case